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Roysis Rfid Systems


Technical expansion of RFID is Radio Frequency Id Technology. It is a fast system that is especially developed to save time in product counts and can only be used with the ROYSIS RFID SYSTEM. It has the capacity to count 1000 products per minute on average in collective counts. ROYSIS Door Security System, together with the ROYSIS RFID system developed by the ROYSIS software and hardware team in 2010, provides a comprehensive and luxurious security structure if Handheld Terminal and Mobile Tablet integration is provided. ROYSIS RFID is also an extremely fast and safe system used in bulk product outputs.


ROYSIS RFID system is an important system that should be used in order to minimize the daily counting process of the companies that are especially mobile in terms of product sales, transfer products between stores and enter the fairs. In addition to wholesale companies, it also provides great advantages to the participating companies that carry out fair activities. In addition, the "ROYSIS RFID" system can be used in integration with the "Store Door Security System" developed by our software engineers. ROYSIS RFID system, which provides companies with the freedom to count very quickly and in a very short time, is the choice of PROFESSIONALS and EXPERTS who care about Order, Security, High Speed and Time, as it eliminates the clutter of counting.